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Slick program but I have some suggestions for future versions

Thanks for providing this software as a free program on GOTD.

This is in general a slick program. It is fast and displays items with a nice and useable interface. I like this program because it is very intuitive. Allowing the choice to "Only display the deleted items" is a nice feature

Regarding GOTD submissions, consider providing the program with the program update option unchecked. I understand that use of the update feature invalidates the program. Some GOTD users may not catch that and be upset at losing use of the program.

The following comments refer to both the "Recover from iTunes Backup Files" and "Recover from iOS device" choices:

1. The program window should be expandable to full size of display screen. Since I have dual displays, consider allowing the size to expand to both screens by allowing manual sizing. It would be nice if you could save the new size when closing the program. I would prefer that the program open to size with which it was closed. The fixed size is the most irritating feature of this program and is a problem throughout the program.

This comment pertains mainly to the time when in one of the sub-program choices. You could handle home screen either way.

2. Make the columns within the window manually sizeable. For instance, if I select Notes, the right column size should be manually selectable so the data in a note is more readable. This would decrease the necessity of using the slider on the right so much.

3. Within Notes, the Date column should sort by year first, then month, then day and lastly time. The present method has years 2012 and 2013 intermixed. The year 1969 and time 17:00 issue could be fixed. This sorting technique appears to occur in other areas of the program also, i.e. calendar.

4. Under Camera Roll, it would be nice to be able to double click on a picture and have it open up larger in some windows program or give the user a choice of using a program on his system.

5. It would be helpful if Voice Memos allowed the detail display option.

6. Under Safari Bookmark, I checked the "Only display the deleted items." No items were displayed, yet the text at the bottom read, "You select 0 KB in 0 items(s) of 360 KB in 360 item(s). I believe this is incorrect. Without the checkmark, I have 2.61 GB in 1746 items. Something does not correlate.

7. One feature I would like you to consider when reading the iPod/iPhone directly is to capture playlists. I use a number of playlists and, if I r

butler22, 01.11.2013, 01:30
Idea status: under consideration


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