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see a lower price and possibly have the top right button be a bit bigger so it is easier to spot.

Forgot to add to my comment, #24, by Calvin in the comment section below, that the price is a bit high, Maybe 40-50 dollars would be a bit more reasonable. Also, While it was a simple interface, the buttons at the top right of the program were kind of small so it was hard to see, possibly making it a bigger button would solve that problem. -Calvin

Calvin , 31.10.2013, 18:05
Idea status: under consideration


Calvin, 31.10.2013, 20:51
This is an addon to my review. Hope the Leawo team will read this as well.

When looking through the iTunes backup, you can pull out individual files which is very nice. What is also very nice is that you can look through contacts and easily read each contact. For messages, you can also see the preview of the messages which makes this really nice. The pictures in the backup show the thumbnail properly which is nice, however, there are still no thumbnails for videos which could make it confusing if the videos are all named similarly and you have to find the right one to pull out of the backup. Also, I noticed when looking through the iTunes backup, some of the deleted items have a date of 12-31-1969 which makes me wonder if this was because of the program or because of the iPod Touch. Either way, it really is not a major issue. Overall, looking through the iTunes backup and recovering individual files makes this program very useful! I raise my rating to 3.5 Stars from 3 stars!

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